Honestly mate,
it’s about striving for honesty.
No pretence - something close to authenticity.
What does it mean to aim towards this -
It all starts with the ritual.
Go to the studio
and do whatever comes.
Without resistance.
No friction, only flow.

Flow is when both sides of the brain
Functional and creative.
Work in unison. No hinderance.
Creation becomes close to subconscious thought.

Things start to build, snowball,
flowing through me
Into one work
and through to another.

Then step back and look.
Just look.
At first it’s hard to know
what the work is giving off ?
But don’t strike it out.
They’re new ventures, not like the old stuff,
reflections of moods,
vibes and intuitions.
You can’t quite put your finger on it, yet.

So get in the studio and do whatever comes to you.
Keep working at it, like stretching out a muscle.
And do it again.
Trust in the process.

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